1. Our analysis of the commercial and political determinants of NCD policy implementation has now been published in Lancet Global Health.
  2. Our article on the association between democracy and universal health coverage is now published in Health Affairs.
  3. Our research article on the effects of democratic erosion on population health is now published in The BMJ. This is part of a BMJ collection on democracy and health.
  4. Arzu Akkoyunlu and my article on women’s political empowerment and COVID-19 has just been published in Efil Journal of Economic Research. [tweet summary] [abstract]
  5. Our correspondence on democracy and NCD policy implementation was recently published in Lancet Global Health. This is a response and extension of the study by Luke Allen & colleagues.
  6. Our article on democracy and health was published in The Lancet in 2019.


I studied philosophy, politics and economics at Otago University. After completing my masters and doctoral studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science I started working at the department of political science at Bilkent University. In 2003 I moved to the newly created Department of Philosophy at Bilkent, where I became chair in 2015.

My research interests are varied, ranging from theoretical work in normative political philosophy to empirical work in comparative politics and health. At the moment most of my research time is devoted to a long-term project on the impact of political institutions on population health.

Further research interests of mine include parliamentary immunity, the oil curse, the capabilities approach, as well as the apparent incompatibility between automatic unconscious behavior and moral responsibility.

My research has been published in journals such as The Lancet, The BMJ, Social Science & Medicine, Lancet Global Health, World Politics, International Studies QuarterlyPublic Choice, Human Rights Quarterly, Philosophical Psychology, Law and Philosophy, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, and the Journal of Political Philosophy.

CV available on request.